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Hole.io is a gallery physics challenge video game with fight royale technicians created by French workshop Voodoo.

Carve a disaster area with the city as an all-powerful black hole in Hole.io. Expand ever before larger by eating whatever that stands in your method, whether it be garbage cans, fire hydrants or other players. As you expand, you'll be able to consume also larger objects until absolutely nothing is standing in your way! If your black hole allows sufficient, you can even consume other players' great voids. Opening io is a super-fun game everything about expanding, consuming and staying alive!


Hole.io is a multiplayer.io expand video game where you absorb every little thing in your path. You start as a little black hole and expand by absorbing even more objects. The larger you obtain, the even more items you can swallow into the void. This proceeds up until you're consuming whole worlds.


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