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Description is a video game regarding collecting resources and also building a village. Struck trees and rocks to gather wood and stones. You can utilize those resources to develop walls and also windmills. The wall surfaces provide security to your significant resources and windmills. The windmills can provide you factors over time. You can also strike fruit shrubs to obtain food that you can make use of to restore HP. Much like in video games, the goal is to level up by collecting resources. In this game, you can pick from different upgrades when you level up. Ensure to watch out for other individuals as they can be hostile. Have a good time!


Gather wood as well as stone to construct a town! In, you have to protect what's rightfully your own. Turn a hammer to knock out various other gamers, and also do not let them go near your base. Apples benefit your wellness, as well as spikes are the most effective line of protection!


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