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Shell Shockers unblocked, also described as, is a 3D multiplayer egg-based shooter. In the game, you battle against other on the internet gun-toting eggs. Covering Shockers has 4 game modes and also 40+ various maps. Also, it is now possible to totally tailor your egg with shades, hats, stamps, and also loadout. Enter into fight carrying an Eggk-47, RPEGG, or a Crackshot. In Covering Shockers, you can likewise see your KDR (Eliminate Death Proportion). The higher your KDR, the better. Since it means that you have more kills than deaths. If you are competitive, contrast your KDR to your friends as well as see to it yours is the greatest.

Shell Shockers is first-person shooter io video game in which you're battling as an egg. The world's first browser-based Initial Person Egger! Get fracturing! Select your class as well as terminate your adversaries with eggstreme prejudice in this 3d multplayer shooter. Furnish lethal weapons like the Shuffle Shotgun and also EggK47 as you cluck your means to success.


Mouse and WASD to move. LMB to fire. E to change weapons. R to reload. Q to throw a grenade. All controls are configurable in the Settings menu. Get yolked!


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