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Description is great a Very first Individual Shooter styled video game. Invite to a world where gamers worldwide fight for survival. Select amazing tool as well as begin battle. Try to become the MVP! Discover this first-person shooter as well as try to endure for as long as you can. Select your weapon, clear all type of missions, do not neglect to see your back and stay alive to climb the rankings!

Would you like to enter the action in the middle of the fantastic desert or in the ancient holy places, you can likewise select the manufacturing facility or a battle on the ship containers, is your option currently. Enjoy this multiplayer shooting video game where you will have a wonderful combat with players worldwide.


• Left mouse button to shoot
• Right mouse button to aim
• R to reload
• C to crouch
• P to pause
• 1-9 key to change weapon
• T to open chat and enter to send
• Space bar to jump
• Hold shift to run
• Tab to open the menu


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