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Description is a multiplayer IO game in which you dominate area utilizing your moving snake. To overcome area you must relocate your hexagonal snake to an empty region as well as create a complete ring. Build up your hexagonal base as well as come to be the number 1 player. Do not touch your own line nonetheless as this will eliminate you! Think carefully and remain within your limits to protect your territory and also quit invaders. In spite of this video game's relatively basic gameplay, you will find yourself playing over and also over again! You can have fun with your good friends, or with individuals from around the globe.

Conquer all of the hexagons on the map! In, you will battle for territory. You can draw rounded lines to link the bordering locations to your base. If an additional gamer touches your lines, you will lose every little thing. Keep increasing with no interruptions!

Superhex io unblocked game to overcome fascinating territory. In the game, control your color band to area the area as large as feasible, discovering a great approach to protect your land.


Your snake moves automatically. Control the direction of your snake with your mouse or with the arrow keys.


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